02 December 2011

Working on remote files using ssh and sudo in emacs/tramp

Working with emacs is always fun.
To work on remote files you will find enough information at Tramp tutorial, here i am talking about working with remote server and then use sudo to write some file.

For example : You are connecting remote machine using ssh as user1 and then you need to write file using user2 (actually sudo -u user2 filename) or better to say multiple hoping.

| user1@remotehost ---> sudo -u user2 at remotehost filename

Cool then, you need to add following line in your .emacs file.

set-default 'tramp-default-proxies-alist (quote ((".*" nil "/ssh:user1@%h:"))))
after saving and evaluating use

C-x C-f sudo:user2@remotehost:filename_path

Happy Hacking

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