12 October 2010

Debian Developer

I am very much happy to announce that today I became an official part of  Debian GNU/Linux  project , One of the most stable and respectable project in the World.  YES let me say aloud that I became an Official Debian Developer. 

This success will test me bitter if I forget to take those names, without their supports and motivations I wouldn’t have reached.
Thanks to Gunnar Wolf  my advocate, Ramki who signed my  key first, pkg-ruby’s buddies Duck, Lucas, Daigo, Mozillion, pkg-python buddies Luca Falavigna, Arnaud Fontaine, my AM Christoph Berg (Myon) and Steffen Joeris, great FD team Enrico , Indian team  Giri, Ritesh and Kartik  last but not the least my wife who gave me enough time to work with Debian.

Thanks a lot.


Anonymous said...

Hearty congratulations and welcome to the project.

gnumonk said...

Thanks Ritesh