15 February 2009

me, vodka and cocktail

Vodka is the best spirit to keep around at all times and it is the most popular base spirit for cocktails. With a only a few mixers and liqueurs you can make a variety of cocktails,after a long thought i decided to make my own cocktail. So here is my preparation

Vodka = 70 ml
lime soda = 50 ml
Old monk Rum = 20 ml
Beer = 50 ml
One Chili
Salt as per you test.

mix vodka with rum and shake it well approx 15 min , put beer and soda shake again for 2 min , cut the chili into halves with utility knife and put it into glass of mixture and finally put salt.
You will feel the test of heaven.

He was a wise man who invented beer.


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Anonymous said...

Sound and test good, i tried and tested.
Thanks for that.