17 May 2006


  • why i am not doing anything from past 5 days.
  • why i am not having someting.
  • why i am so sleepy .
  • why i am not interested to writing a code But i am lovein it.
  • why i am not writing in my blog from past 10 days.
  • why i am not seeing dream .
  • why i am not looking forword.
  • why i am not managing time for my love.
  • why i have paid 24000:/ to a crual person.
  • why everything is so difficulty i think from my point of view.
  • why i am so lazy.

I don't want to be looser in my life and i wont be ..But not understanding why.....????????????


Rajesh said...

I think you need a break

Deepak said...

I think you are right .But dont have time for break.