23 May 2006

"Aate aate mera naam sa rah gaya"

One of my favorite GaZal.   

aapko dekh kar dekhta reh gaya
kya kahooN aur kehne ko kya reh gaya

aate aate mera naam sa reh gaya
uske hoNthO pe kuchh kaaNpta reh gaya

woh mere saamne hi gaya aur maiN
raaste kee tarah dekhata reh gaya

jhooTh waale kahiN se kahiN baDh gaye
aur maiN thaa ke sach boltaa reh gaya

aandhiyoN ke iraade to achhe na the
ye diya kaise jalata huwa reh gaya


Aymen said...

do u've the song?if yes then cud u send me the download link or send it to me at aymen.mohd@gmail.com

92d6s63v5j said...

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