30 November 2005

some more in your cell

HERE's a nice informati' i've got...


Generic Samsung Unlock Codes:

Samsung s500:

New Samsung E700:

Old Samsung E700:

Samsung a300

Samsung a800

Samsung s100

Samsung s300

Samsung v200

Samsung sgh-600

Samsung X100 & X600:

Samsung E715 and the S307:

This one is slightly more complicated.

Firstly, you will need to put a SIM card into the phone that is locked, ie: a SIM card from one of the blocked phone networks. When you power up the phone, you will get the message telling you that you have inserted an invalid SIM card. Type in:



If you have done this correctly, a message will pop up telling you to hit exit, press the right soft key and choose #7 to reboot your phone. After the phone has rebooted, type in:



Then after the confirmation message has appeared, reboot the phone once again. Insert a different SIM card and power up the phone, then enter in:



That's it, if you have followed all these instructions correctly, your Samsung E715 / S307 should now be unlocked.


DCT-4 Handsets:

1100, 2300, 3100, 3200, 3300, 3510, 3510i, 3650, 3660, 5100, 6100, 6220, 6230, 6310, 6310i, 6510, 6600, 6610, 6650, 6800, 6810, 6820,7200, 7210 ,7250, 7250i, 7600, 7700, 7650, 8310, 8910, 8910i, Nokia N-GAGE. (US & Canadian Model numbers may vary slightly).

DCT-4 Unlock Code Calculator:




The 3 main pieces of information you need to enter into the calculator are as follows:

1) IMEI Number. This is a 15 digit serial number that can be found either under the battery of the phone, on the side of the original box you bought the phone with, or by typing in *#06#.

2) Lock Type: The lock type for your Nokia will most likely be "2". If however you have a Nokia 3650, 3660, 6600, 7650 or an N-gage, the lock type will be "5".

3) Network Provider.

Simply enter in the information relevant to your handset and network and click "Calculate". You will be presented with several unlock codes for your phone. You should remove the SIM card from your phone and enter one of the codes, if it fails, try a different one. Hopefully after entering one of the codes you should be presented with a "Phone Restriction Off" message.

General Nokia Information / Codes:

Obtaining the IMEI number:


Information you get from the IMEI number:




TAC = Type approval code
FAC = Final assembly code
SNR = Serial number
SP = Spare

Obtaining the software revision information:


Information you get from the Software revision:


V 05.50

1ST Line = Software revision

2ND Line = The date of the software release

3RD Line = Phone type

Service Menu Access:

To enter the service menu type:

*#92702689# (*#WAR0ANTY#)

Serial number (IMEI)

Production date (MM/YY)

Purchase date (MM/YY) You can only enter the date once.

Date of last repair (0000=No repair)

Transfer user data to another Nokia phone via Infra-Red

Clock Stopping:

To check weather your SIM Card supports clock stopping type:

*#746025625# (*#SIM0CLOCK#)

Revealing Headphone and Car-Kit menus:

Please note that if you do these next tricks, the new menus can't be erased without retoring the factory default settings. To do these tricks you need to short-circuit the pins on the bottom of the phone next to where you plug in you charger.

1. To activate the "Headset" menu, you need to short-circuit pins "3" and "4". After a short time the word "Headset" will be shown in the display. Menu 3-6 is now enabled.

2. To activate the "Car" menu, you need to short-circuit pins "4" and "5". After a short time the word "Car" will be shown in the display. Menu 3-7 is now enabled.

The Rebooting Trick:

This should work on all software versions of the 6110.

1. Go to the Calendar (Menu - 8)

2. Make a note or reminder.

3. Enter some text into the edit box.

4. Hold "Clear" until the whole text is cleared, then press "Back".

5. Press "0". The main screen will now be showing but a space appears on the screen. (you can't see it)

6. Enter 4 digits (e.g. 1234).

7. Use the down arrow to move the cursor to the left side of the numbers and the space (Down arrow twice).

8. Now enter 6 digits and press the call button.

Wait for a few seconds, the screen should start to flash and reboots. It should alsowork on other menus like the "Profiles" menu.

EFR Call Quality:

To activate EFR (Enhanced Full Rate) Enter the code-


This improves call quality but decreases batterylife by about 5%

To deactivate it, Enter the code-



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