08 August 2005

my collage days .

hi i was just thinking abut my collage days .All ragging sassion and my room mates bihari ,,haaaa lots of BC and lots f fun ,,( Don't ask from me the full form of BC ..its only Nimcian can know....
and what Else,,haaa GP....
our GP cant forget ,,,and one more BP :) ( ha ha ha only VTC people can understand ,,,,,and i think Rawat ....u know that chair and and couple of ink,,,ha ha i think u will remember always .)
That was the full masti in NIMC...and my CR,,offf ,,,,i never seen a person like him, he is too good by heart ....
and our KANG SIR <<<... and finally our Priyanshu,,( chaha tooo bahut naa chae tujhe ,,,,chahat pe magar koi joor nahiiii,,,) abe Shyad agar Bol Deta tooo i think single nahi hota ,,,,,,,,,,,,
well more people like my friend Naga(R),ha ha hu hu ,,,
and one more thing my (kingfisher strong + kurkure + Nevy Cut)= life ..
i think naga will understand..

aur my roommats Animesh = Uski BC khatam nahi hogi ,,,
and lots of friend like Dimri ,,,samir ,shai sir,
but i miss all of you people ,,,,Enjoy ur life and if you will forget me,,then remember i will show your BP to ur Wife...........( Ha HA ha _)

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