20 August 2005

Beer Party with Brar ,samir and sukhu

As you people know that Bhatt(R) was missing a night ,we searched a lot,but morning when we come to know that bhatt is in office and doing his work then we make a plan to fuck him properly but ......."No comment".Then Me ,Brar ,samir and sukhu ,we had beer .........and after called to naga ..and he was giving me lots of VTC's words.any way he is my close friend ,,,NAGA if i will get chance i will sure come to convo yarrr....

missing you guys??


jacko492 said...

I haven't dealt with Blogs too much, but yours caught my attention. It was personal and yet not overdone. I'm trying to get a site together about, Handwriting Analysis, and had to ask for help. When I tried to put in words like, graphology as a reflection of character , it seemed to throw everything off. Well, I enjoyed yours and if you check mine feel free to write to critique it !

Deepak said...

ya sure jack ,,will keep in touch ,